Friday, May 18, 2007

(top to bottom: Basil, Thyme, Oregano) This spring I decided to try my black thumb at gardening, starting with a no-fail plan: herbs. After 2 weeks of sowing the seeds, gently misting them with water, and placing them under an a snake light (periodically!) nothing was happening. About to give up, I decided to put them outside and let nature do the work. Sure, if it didn't rain I watered them but other than that left them on the deck. And it worked! Less than a week later green buds were peeking out. What you see above was probably taken after being outside for 2-3 weeks (May 11).

Below is what they looked like this morning, a week later.

The basil and thyme are actually growing while the oregano has been struggling to keep up before finally giving up. I'll either plant more oregano seeds and try again or find another herb this weekend.